Hello, I’m Jouko!

I like to do interesting things with web, software, 3D and data. I am a co-founder of Kanpis, a company where we do fun things, from interior and cardboard design to graphical design, from web sites to event organizing.

In this blog I write about personal growth, business, strategy and technology. I also run a site called Rainbow Coding focused more to the coding and technological side.

Some things I consider myself pretty good at, and can probably help you with:
* Identifying problems in processes and developing creative solutions to them
* Quick prototyping of potential new services
* Developing interactive real-time web applications
* Data processing and visualization technologies
* 3D modeling and rendering solutions
* Automated testing and effective development environments

My approach to life is “Do. Now. Experiment and measure. Take challenges head on learning as you do”, opposed to learning first and maybe doing someday.

I come from Finland, but live in Yokohama, Japan. I’ve been living in Japan since 2008. I quite like it here!