Why you should track your time (and how?)

I have been an avid user of Rescue Time for couple of years now. Rescue Time is an application that tracks everything you do on your computer and makes it into easy to understand output.If you compare your weekly and daily hours and productivity scores, you start to notice patterns.

Then you start thinking about the reasons and notice that you really had something else bothering you from external reasons. Maybe you eat heavy lunch, become sleepy and distracted every afternoon, and don’t get any work done between 12-15. Maybe there was a month when you had family or friend matters, seasonal events etc, and were distracted.

It does not matter so much what it was, but the important thing is to notice that you lose lots of productivity because of those. As long as you have the information, you can improve upon it!

Rescue Time is really awesome in many ways, but there is always one small problem: how you use your computer is private matter and it all goes to someone else’s cloud.

I have been looking for a completely private solution for this purpose, and when I found Qbserve , I didn’t think even a second to try it. I installed it and it just worked.

For one or two weeks I did that and Rescue Time together, and the data pretty much similar, so I decided to move completely to it. The program itself is very simple. It allows some options that are missing from Rescue Time, but most importantly, you own the data.

For people who want to improve themselves, tracking hours is excellent idea. You can spend few minutes every week, to analyze the information, gain insights of your behavior and of course, figure out how to do better.